About Asia Vibes

Asia Vibes goal is just to “bookmark” and share fantastic / good / funny / horrible music video(s) from Asia. And pic(s). And… whatever I like really. From Asia. Obviously…

Maybe even a podcast one day. WHO KNOWS! (Or in French, sorry).

You can find me for more serious stuff (kinda) on Geekzone (community website) and Cafzone (my blog). And I’m on too many SNS. Ah well, let’s do a recap ☞

Geekzone.fr ➜ community website + geek news. All kind of stuff. Main site.
Cafzone.net ➜ personal blog / stuff I like.
Asiavibes.info ➜ K-Pop / J-Pop / whatever-pop –  latest MV / shows / etc.
Zecafeine.tumblr.com ➜ Geeky / nerdy / sexy stuff I can’t post elsewhere. ;) (it’s just duplicates from posts from the others sources now).

Twitter (not so much anymore)
Mastodon (my new home at the moment, fuck you Elon)
Instagram (sporadically)

(Yep, almost everything (except Asia Vibes) is in French.)