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EVE – Mystery Love Yerk. Is it me or the surgery went too far here?...

FLiP – 「GIRL.」(Radio Edit ver.)

Verbal Jint (버벌진트) – [I Smell Autumn(Feat. Eddy Kim) | 가을냄새(Feat. 에디킴)]

Teen Top (틴탑) – Missing (쉽지않아)

Sinzo Eumke (신조음계) – I Wanna Hold Your Hands (니손바래) The casting is… perfect. And...

NewUS (뉴어스) – Get Away

Jay Kidman – Reboot

  Quite good. Underground hip-hop / rap scene is going strong in S. Korea.

LYn (린) – Thank You My Dear (고마워요 나의 그대여)

John Park (존박) – U

SPICA.S – Give Your Love

  So, this is Spica.S (for Special), Kim Boa is not in it, she’s getting...